World’s 11 Most Expensive Watches

Hublot Big Bang

What does Beyonce Knowles buy for her husband Jay-Z, the man who has everything? A classic timepiece of course! She spent a whopping $5 million on the Hublot Big Bang to give to her rapper/watch collector husband for his birthday. It’s encrusted with more than 1000 diamonds, making it a timepiece fit for rap royalty.

Patek Caliber 89

This watch is not only one of the most complicated watches in the world with 33 complications, it’s also one of the most rare; only four Patek Caliber 89s were ever created and one was even rumored to have been sold to an unnamed Royal. More than just a watch, it also comes equipped with a moon phase display, a leap year indicator, a star chart, a thermometer and more, all for just $6 million.


Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

The Supercomplication earned its name by having 24 complications and was once the most intricate timepiece in the world before the Patek Caliber 89 came along. Banker Henry Graves Jr. bet car mogul James Ward Packard that he could own a more complicated watch and commissioned this piece in 1927. Four years later the watch was completed and Graves won the bet with this impressive doubled faced yellow-gold pocket watch that later sold for an incredible record breaking $11,002,500 at auction.


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