What are Your Favorite Celebrities Doing This Summer?

With summer in full bloom and a heat wave scorching nearly the entire surface of the earth, it’s only natural to yearn for a well-deserved holiday—accompanied with little umbrellas in your cocktails. But before setting up your travel plans, it might be an interesting idea to check what your favorite celebrities are doing over the summer, for a chance to get a glimpse of them.

However, don’t be sad if you’re not traveling to far-flung exotic beaches. Much like ordinary people, not all celebrities are holidaying this summer, and instead, are working to complete exciting projects. So, if you happen to live near a filming destination, you might still be able to take a selfie with popular stars.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s popularity never seems to dwindle, especially when you take into consideration the power couple has earned roughly $147 million dollars. They have just ended the European part of their On the Run II tour, and released the collaborative album Everything Is Love on June 16, which received rave reviews.

Before carrying on with their acclaimed world tours, the couple chartered the Kismet yacht, owned by US billionaire Shahid Khan, to travel with their children. After visiting Cannes and Nice, France, the family is now exploring the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images