We Will Rock You: The Best of Queen

Another One Bites the Dust

Written by bassist John Deacon, “Another One Bites the Dust” starts with a bass riff inspired by disco music, then moves into a complex track with electric guitar, bass, and piano, which were all played by Deacon himself. Although the song sounds like it was made using a synthesizer, all of the unique sounds were made by manipulating aspects of the instruments, then running the sound through a harmonizer.

This song became infamous in the early 80s because some Christian groups insisted that there were subliminal messages such as “it’s fun to smoke marijuana” in the song when it was played backwards.

You’re My Best Friend

“You’re My Best Friend” was written by John Deacon in honor of his wife, and since its release in 1975, it’s become one of the most popular songs for film and TV. The Wurlitzer electric piano is one of the song’s most dominant sounds, but that was often substituted for a grand piano when the band performed the song live.

The song is one of Queen’s most beloved tracks and appears on five of their albums.


Bicycle Race

“Bicycle Race” is a quirky song written by Freddie Mercury after he watched the 1978 Tour de France. It starts with an unaccompanied chorus, and features a solo section played on different bicycle bells.

The music video was extremely controversial as it featured 65 nude women riding bikes around Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium. When the bike rental company found out how their bikes were being used, they asked the band to purchase the seats instead of returning them.

The lyrics of the song are goofy, and contain several topical references including Watergate, John Wayne, and Star Wars.

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