Vote for Who? The Funniest Joke Candidates

In most election, when the time comes to fill in your ballot, you’re confronted with an impossibly long list of candidates — way more names than you ever saw on lawn signs.

Although the United States is for all intents and purposes a two-party system, there are actually a number of other parties that regularly run candidates and capture around one percent of the national popular vote. Most of the time, these candidates are serious politicians running in minor parties or as independents, but other times, they’re joke candidates put forward either by themselves or by a satirical party.

Here are some of the most interesting joke candidates that have run in elections around the world.

General Zod

In the recent Canadian provincial election in Ontario, there were three major parties considered for the possibility of leadership: the Progressive Conservatives helmed by Doug Ford, the Liberal Party helmed by Kathleen Wynne, and the New Democratic Party under leader Andrea Horwath. For those who were unable to stomach voting for any of the three major candidates, General Zod is there to save the day.

Lawn signs with the face of the Superman II supervillain started popping up all over Toronto, and some people are actually planning on voting for him come election day. The signs were created as a joke by a man named Zoltan Hawryluk and feature an image of Terrence Stamp as General Zod, along with the slogan “Less evil than the other guy.”


Ed the Sock

Another great joke candidate that came out of Canada is Ed the Sock, a filthy-mouthed puppet who had his own TV show on the Canadian MuchMusic channel in the 1990s. He created and was the primary candidate for the Fed-Up Party — usually referred to as the FU Party — in the Canadian federal election in 2011. He ran with the intention of fighting stupidity and apathy in government and spent most of the campaign season trying to convince people to vote.

Technically, Ed the Sock was never an actual political candidate, as he never registered with Elections Canada.

Pigasus the Immortal

Pigasus the Immortal was a 145-pound domestic pig that was put forward as a candidate in 1968 by the American Youth International Party, generally referred to as Yippies. The Yippies were an anti-establishment, revolutionary party made up of mostly young adults.

Pigasus was their only political candidate, and his candidacy was announced during the protests held right before the 1968 Democratic Convention. While one of the Yippies was reading Pigasus’s acceptance speech, the police came and arrested the seven organizers for disorderly conduct and took Pigasus with them down to the station. Pigasus lived out the rest of his days on a farm in Illinois, although there were rumors going around that one of the police officers ate him.

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