Unsolved: The World’s Greatest Mysteries

The world is a mysterious place. That much is clear. We can build computers with unlimited processing power, devise schemes to uncover the mysteries of the universe, and pool all our resources to answer the unsolvable questions, yet some solutions still remain out of our reach.

Murder cases gone cold, indecipherable relics from the past, airplanes disappearing into thin air … the list of unsolvable mysteries continues to grow. Today on FilthyRich, we take a look at a few of the world’s most confounding riddles. Riddles that have left even the sharpest human minds scratching their heads.

So, wipe down your magnifying glass, dust off your detective hat, and get ready for a first-hand exploration in to the world’s greatest mysteries.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was a pioneer. She proved to the male dominated, dirty ‘30s world that women couldn’t just fly planes, they could fly them better then men could. She won awards, set records, wrote books, and helped found the female pilots organization The Ninety-Nines. Then, she went missing.

In 1937, on a flight to circumnavigate the globe, Earhart disappeared somewhere over the Pacific. No wreckage or remains were ever found, and Earhart was officially declared lost at sea. Though some claimed to have found her remains in 1941 – scientists are still analyzing the data –  the mystery of Earhart’s disappearance remains unsolved to this day.

Everett Historical / Shutterstock