TV Shows that Need to End

Be it on tradition cable television, through streaming services like Netflix, or video-sharing sites such as YouTube, there is a huge influx of serialized shows available for us to watch. With so many shows, it’s hard to see many last more than a few seasons at best — some don’t even make it out of their first.

While shows that retain an audience to support multiple seasons and hundreds of episodes deserve to be praised for their achievement, they should also be evaluated for their continued relevance. Does the show really need to continue? Or should the show end before it overstays its welcome?

Today on Filthy Rich, we take a dive into the television shows that have worn out their welcome and need to find a way to end — sooner rather than later, please.

The Simpsons

Number of seasons: 28

Number of episodes: 617


As a parody of American culture, it sure is ironic that The Simpson has become a parody of itself.

In its heyday, The Simpsons was among one of the greatest shows on television, as it received critical acclaim, high ratings, and tons of awards. Sadly, as the series has gone on, The Simpsons has seen a steady dip in quality — and with it a steady drop in ratings — as it focuses more on celebrity cameos, pop-culture references, and punchline-driven humor instead of character development and proper storytelling. More so than other series on this list, The Simpsons is a lot like Old Yeller — it’s about dang time to put this show down.

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The Walking Dead

Number of seasons: 7

Number of episodes: 99

When compared to other shows on this list, The Walking Dead is nowhere near the top in terms of number of episodes and seasons. While this adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic may be just below the 100-episode mark, showrunners have gone on record as saying The Walking Dead isn’t ending anytime soon. All thanks to its immense mainstream popularity.

That’s well and good if it didn’t recycle the same three narrative beats every season. There is only so many times one can watch this cast find a new settlement to protect them from the walkers, find out said settlement is more dangerous than the walkers, and move on to another settlement so many times before we become mindless zombies ourselves. Plus, aren’t zombies so 2009?


Number of seasons: 12

Number of episodes: 257

Sometimes a cult following can take a show far in this world — just look at Supernatural. Originally planned to be five seasons long, Supernatural has doubled that number with more on the way.

This long tenure is thanks to a dedicated fanbase that has spent their time promoting the show through social media and writing tons of fanfiction. Since the main storyline wrapped up in the fifth season, it seems like the Winchester brothers have battled every angel and demon in Heaven and Hell. With so much ground covered, what other supernatural beasts are there to fight?

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