TV Series Returning to Us This January

Star Trek: Discovery

One of the newest offerings from the Star Trek franchise is Star Trek: Discovery, a series that premiered on CBS in September 2017. The show stars Sonequa Martin-Green as science specialist Michael Burnham and follows her character and the rest of the crew aboard the USS Discovery as they battle Klingons and the mysterious forces that seem to be at work in the galaxy.

The first season had some really great moments, and with the premiere of the second season on January 17, fans are eager to see where the show will go next. Look out for newcomer Ethan Peck, who will play a young Spock.

How to Get Away with Murder

Fan-favorite ensemble drama How to Get Away with Murder returns for the second half of its fifth season on January 17, after taking a two-month break. The show, with typical Shonda Rhimes flair, has started using flash-forwards as a dramatic device, which left some real questions after the fall finale in November. Fans are dying to know what will happen in Annalise’s apartment, and knowing Shonda, there’ll be answers, but likely just as many questions will remain at the end of the next episode.


Grace and Frankie

Hilarious septuagenarians Grace and Frankie return to Netflix on January 18, when the entire fifth season drops. There’s not much known about the fifth season so far, except for the fact that Kyra Sedgwick has directed several episodes. There were some fun cameos from people like Lisa Kudrow in season four and drag legend RuPaul is already slated for a fifth season cameo as a potential adversary named Benjamin Le Day.

Lily Tomlin has been nominated for her work on every season so far but has yet to win. Maybe the fifth times the charm?

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