TV Series Returning to Us This January

True Detective

True Detective comes back on January 13 on HBO, and unlike most of the shows on this list, will feature an entirely new cast. The anthology format of this show means that while the writing and producing staff are consistent, the storyline and actors are different every season.

The first season of True Detective starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was critically acclaimed, but their second was less appealing to fans, and their viewership numbers declined. This third season will star Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff and will be set in the Ozarks.

This Is Us

Primetime sobfest This Is Us returns on January 15 after taking a two-and-a-half month break in the middle of their third season. Viewers have been anxious for its return after the midseason finale featured a moment that was described as “the biggest twist yet” by the A.V. Club. We were treated to revelations of faked deaths, mysterious figures revealed, and more plot twists than a Halloween corn maze, with no indication of what will come next.



The second half of the third season of Riverdale premieres on January 16 on the CW. This dark drama takes everything we thought we knew about the comic-book world of Archie and his gang and turns it on its head. Instead of heading down to the malt shop, the gang is busy trying to discover the identity of a shadowy figure known as the Gargoyle King.

Look out for Kelly Ripa, who was shown briefly in the trailer, and has been revealed to be playing Hiram Lodge’s mistress.

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