Top 30 NHL Draft Busts

24. Rick DiPietro, 2000 – 1st Overall, New York Islanders

The only number-one drafted player on this busted list, DiPietro is best remembered for signing his groundbreaking $67.5 million contract for 15 years, one of the most expensive NHL contracts ever. Unfortunately, his talents never materialized in the hockey ring as he was plagued with injuries to his hip, knee, and groin, a concussion, and a knock-out punch to the face. Eventually, the Islanders finally brought him out of his contract in 2013. Since then, the 34-year-old former goaltender from Winthrop, MA, is now a sports talk show host for New York-based ESPN 98.7 FM.

23. Hugh Jessiman, 2003 – 12th Overall, New York Rangers

Although Jessiman was drafted in the NHL in 2003, not only did he play his first NHL game in 2011 with the Florida Panthers (lost to New Jersey Devils, 2-1, on February 27), but also he played in only TWO games in his minute NHL career. However, he has spent most of his professional hockey career in the developmental American Hockey League (AHL), trying to find his way. Now, the 31-year-old New York City journeyman plays for the Austrian Hockey League with the Vienna Capitals.

22. Scott Scissons, 1990 – 6th Overall, New York Islanders

Coming from a legendary draft NHL class which includes illustrious players like Darryl Sydor, Peter Bondra, and Keith Tkachuck, the Islanders took a huge risk in selecting Scissons in the first round. Unfortunately, throughout his short professional career, Scissons only played in two regular-season games and one playoff game with no accounted score. Many of his draft-class counterparts have played in more than 1000 NHL games in their careers. Forced to retired early due to a shoulder injury in 1995, the now 44-year-old Canadian native lives in obscurity.

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