Top 20 Richest WWE Stars of 2015


5. Kurt Angle ($20 Million)

The Olympic Gold medallist, former WWE Champion and current TNA legend (if there is such a thing) has always been handsomely paid wherever he performed.

Some people might be surprised to find Angle so high up in this list, since he was always more of a hardworking performer than a flamboyant money maker. But his part-time movie roles, merchandise royalties and endorsement deals allowed him to save up enough to retire comfortably at this stage in his career.

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4. Triple H ($25 Million)

Let’s get one thing absolutely clear. As insanely terrific, extremely badass and outrageously awesome as Triple H is both on and off the ring, there is no way he could have stocked up more money than the others mentioned above if he had not married the boss’ daughter.

Now that we have cleared the air on that, let us acknowledge the fact that Triple H has been a main event superstar for more than 15 years. His merchandise sales have always been hot, especially the super cool DX memorabilia that still sell like hotcakes.


Currently, he is serving as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative, which fetches him around $2.5 million per year in addition to the $1 million earned from WWE stock. Now you know why Trips and Steph are called the Power Couple.

3. John Cena ($35 Million)


The most polarizing superstar of all time, John Cena is the undisputed face of the company, the perfect corporate ambassador and the ultimate merchandise machine.

While Cena’s countless haters believe he was handed the top spot in the company, there is no denying the fact that this man has earned every dime in his net worth. Arguably, the hardest working individual in the roster, Cena is unconditionally dedicated to this business and goes out of his way to entertain the fans week in and week out.

For his services, he enjoys a $3 million downside guarantee, first class travel, personal tour bus, 6% merchandise sales and big money deals from a wide variety of endorsements.

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