To Mend and Defend: The Best Episodes of ReBoot


Season 2, Episode 8

Even with Nullzilla defeated, the web creature isn’t done with Mainframe as it infects Megabyte. The infected Megabyte then tracks down and fuses with Hexadecimal becoming the unstoppable juggernaut known as Gigabyte. Enlisting the help of Mouse, Hack, Slash, Bob, and company find a way to split the three entities and save Mainframe … for the time being.

While it carries on the plot from “Nullzilla,” “Gigabyte” is much more serious in tone. Gone are the light-hearted jokes and referential humor; in its place are allusions to horror films and the injection of stakes as Gigabyte comes the closest to completely deleting Mainframe and a couple cast members. Plus, the mysteries of the third entity (which the audience already knew as the web creature) and Mouse’s true intentions are tantalizing cliffhangers that I missed as a kid but love as an adult.

Trust No One/Web World Wars

Season 2, Episodes 9-10


The final two episodes of season two, “Trust No One” and “Web World Wars” mark the thrilling conclusion to the saga of the web creature. Constructed as a loving parody of The X-Files, “Trust No One” dives straight into the horror mystery genre as Bob and Mouse investigate a series of disappearances in Mainframe. On the other side of the spectrum, “Web World Wars” is pure action as Mainframe’s denizens, including both heroes and villains, come together to hold back the threat of the web creatures and close the portal to the Web.

If I can gush for a moment, these two episodes of ReBoot are my personal favorites. They are the culmination of ReBoot’s transition to a more serious tone and they (along with the following season) perfectly appealed to my maturing tastes. Plus, for the life of me, there are no better cliffhangers than Bob’s final line at the end of “Trust No One” and Megabyte launching Bob into the Web just before closing the portal.

To Mend and Defend

Season 3, Episode 1

With Bob forcefully exiled from Mainframe, Megabyte and Hex direct all viral forces to attack the Principal Office. Even with morale shattered, Dot steps up as Command.COM of Mainframe while Enzo takes Bob’s place as acting Guardian. While this unwavering resolve and a conveniently timed Game Cube stave off the viruses’ assault, it won’t be for long.

Although it took a year and a half — which is an excruciatingly long time for kids — season three was well worth the wait. Gone were the censors of network television as ReBoot is able to let loose and tackle more mature subject matter for a kids show — as clearly demonstrated by this episode’s Evil Dead-influenced game. Also, the time away allowed Mainframe Entertainment to give the show a considerable upgrade in terms of modeling and animation, which allowed for more detailed models, better shading, and fluid animation.

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