The Worst Series Finales of All-Time

1. How I Met Your Mother

Of all the shows out there, we think this finale takes the cake for being the worst. We spent nine seasons wondering who the mother was. Who did Ted end up marrying and how did they meet? The build-up was there and it was a show loved by everyone.

Then the final season happened and it was a disaster. The whole season spanned one weekend, which happened to be the weekend that Barney and Robin were getting married. Since Ted and Robin were not going to work, they had to find a mother that everyone would love and producers seemed to do just that with Cristin Milioti’s Mother.

However, one final montage ruined it all. They finally met and we saw who the mother was. Then we flash forward and the Mother dies! Then Barney and Robin get a divorce, and Ted and Robin end up together. It was the biggest disaster in television history, right?

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