The Worst Series Finales of All-Time

4. Roseanne

This is an interesting one, as ABC recently ordered a reboot of Roseanne. So how do you come back from such a disastrous final season? We shall see, but this final season sure was a trainwreck.

Starting with our favorite middle-class family winning the lottery, we watched their lives change before it was revealed to have never happened. Yes, Roseanne’s husband, Dan, suffered a heart attack during the second-to-last season and it turns out he didn’t survive.

As we found out in the series finale, the final season was all a story that Roseanne made up to cope with Dan’s death. We also found out about some big character revelations, such as her sister was actually a lesbian and her daughters were with the opposite guy that was shown on the show. The kicker being that this was all revealed in a monologue.

3. Seinfeld

Sure, we all watched nine seasons of this show that was about nothing, so why would we expect the series finale to be about anything? Still, it definitely disappointed in terms of being funny.


Seinfeld’s finale was a two-parter and showed the four main characters on trial for not helping out a lady, breaking the Good Samaritan Law. Basically, this was a chance to show previous stories and characters from past seasons, as they relived some of their terrible moments as people when they didn’t help others. However, this series finale flopped big time and it was not as funny as we were used to getting from the Seinfeld gang.

2. True Blood

We all fell in love with True Blood on HBO. It was like the anti-Twilight, with the blood and guts and romance, but in an adult kind of way. The first few seasons were amazing, but then something happened. HBO lost their magic with the show as the last few seasons officially killed it with that series finale being the final nail in the coffin.

When the series finale came, it ended with a big dud — there was no Bill/Sookie romance! The final scene shows us flash-forwarding to Sookie at a dinner party and she is married to a guy we have never met before. Why?

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