The Worst Series Finales of All-Time

7. Quantum Leap

Each week, fans of Quantum Leap watched as Sam Beckett leapt through time and took over the life of some unsuspecting individual. This person would need Sam’s help with some major life problem. Although Sam kept leaping, his goal was to eventually make it back to his own time.

You would think the series finale would actually show the culmination of Sam’s journey. Sadly, it did not. Since NBC cancelled the show before it could properly finish, they had to edit the final scene and instead of seeing that Sam would never go back to his own time, it was displayed on the screen in text! Yes, they wrote it out. To add insult to injury, they spelled Beckett wrong! Guess creator Donald Bellisario was bitter about the cancellation, huh?

6. Dexter

A serial killer gets a happy ending? Yeah, no fans of Dexter saw that one coming. We all watched Michael C. Hall play the titular Dexter on a weekly basis. While he thought his killings were the right thing to do, it left us all wondering if he would actually get away with them.

Instead of taking that topic on, the writers decided to just end the show with Dexter becoming a lumberjack and giving his sister a burial at sea. So, no actual consequences for everyone Dexter killed? Great.


5. Lost

Talk about a series finale that gave us no closure! Well, fans of Lost are still talking about it to this day, so maybe the creators did a good job with it then? Not really, as the finale seemed to leave us wondering if the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were dead. Or in purgatory? Or even existed in the first place?

This series finale just left us with more questions than answers. While that can be a good thing, some clarification on what we spent six seasons watching would have been nice too!

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