The Worst Series Finales of All-Time

You can admit it. At one point, you fell in love with a television show and watched it every week that it aired.  Thanks to DVRs now, we can record our favorite shows and watch them whenever we want. But, like most good things, it must eventually come to an end. We never want to say goodbye, but sometimes networks force us to cut the ties.

With that being said, you can watch a show for 10 seasons and love everything about it, but then the series finale comes and it ruins everything for you! We mean, you still will watch episodes and just cringe knowing it ended in such a terrible way.

Shockingly, there are many shows that ended on a very bad note. We’re looking at the worst series finales of all-time. No new episodes or movies can fix these tragedies!

10. Beverly Hills 90210

When you talk about a show overstaying its welcome you can’t forget Beverly Hills 90210! This show was “the show” for a while. However, as the seasons went on, more drama was happening off-set and the divas were coming out.

This lead to a series finale that saw David and Donna get married, but Brandon couldn’t even make it and we just got a video message from him (Jason Priestly left the cast the year before, but many expected him to come back for the finale). Then we had Kelly head off to New York to be with Dylan. The biggest disappointment was how Shannen Doherty didn’t even make an appearance!


9. Two and a Half Men

This show was a big hit for CBS before The Big Bang Theory took over. However, Charlie Sheen lost his cool and went on some drug-infused tirade. He was “winning” at everything and ended up getting fired from the show. Ashton Kutcher came in as his replacement and the show was never the same again.

By the time the finale came around, Two and a Half Men was a show that was way past its prime and should have been cancelled when Sheen got fired. Instead, they persisted and it gave us a final episode that saw “Charlie” return to only be killed by a piano falling from the sky. Then they panned to creator Chuck Lorre, who said the infamous “winning” line right before a piano was dropped on him. Yeah, that truly happened!

8. The Sopranos

Maybe it says something about a show for having six seasons only to turn out so bad? We all watched the drama, sex, and killings that happened during the six-season run of The Sopranos. So, the series finale came and went with a whimper!

How sad was that? The final scene had Tony Soprano sitting in a diner with his family. Every person watching thought he would be killed off, but as “Don’t Stop Believing” blared in the background, the screen just went black! Yeah, we all thought we lost power at that moment, since it just ended abruptly. Nope, that was the ending, as the credits started to roll and we all had a pit in our stomach wanting something more.

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