The Worst Kardashians of All Time, Ranked

They’re the family America loves to hate. The Kardashian klan kame krashing (sorry, we’ll stop) onto the scene back in the 1990s when their father Robert Kardashian made a name for himself defending O.J. Simpson in his infamous murder trial. Since then, they’ve managed to weasel their way onto our television screens any which way they can.

Here’s a list of the Kardashians and their associates, ranked from worst to worst:

#1. Kris

Who’s to blame for all this mess? Robert gave them the name, but Kris was the real mastermind.

The matriarch and manager of the Kardashian family, Kris Jenner has been accused, sometimes even by her own children, of exploiting the family for financial gain. It’s even been speculated that Kris conspired with Kim to “leaking” the sex tape that propelled the family to stardom. Although sometimes we feel bad for Kris because her children are so mean to her, this really is all her fault.

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#1. Kim

With a cry so ugly it has its own emoji, Kim is easily the most famous of the Kardashians, and boy does she know it. Kim got her start like so many bright young women do – by “leaking” a sex tape with her former flame Ray J. Several faces and marriages later, Kim is now a household name with a video game, a fashion line, an uber famous husband, and two beautiful children she pimps out at every opportunity, as per Kardashian tradition.


We have to give Kim credit though – if it weren’t for her incredible hustle and insatiable hunger for fame, we probably wouldn’t be talking about the Kardashians at all.

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#1. Kylie and Kendall

We’re just going to lump these two together since combined they almost have enough personality for one regular human being. The youngest members of the family are technically Jenners and not Kardashians, but they somehow still manage to out-Kardashian some of the real ones.

At 18 and 20 years of age respectively, Kylie and Kendall are already making headlines, winning modelling contracts and starting trends everywhere they turn, although not all of them are good. Girls obsessed with Kylie’s lips (which are fake, by the way) have turned to horrendous contraptions like Candy Lipz in order to copy her look – and the results are terrifying.

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