The World’s Most Luxurious Prisons

Spain’s Aranjuez Prison

The Aranjuez Prison does something pretty amazing – it allows children to live with their parents, and not be left in the care of others, if their mom or dad have been charged with a crime. The Aranjuez Prison was set up to ensure that as few children as possible are left with only one parent, or none at all.

Throughout the country, the prison is known as being the premier prison for families, allowing children to live with their parents as long as they are there at the morning roll call, and the evening roll call.

Sure, it’s not an ideal way for a child to grow up – but if they are in their formative years, many would argue that it’s a far superior alternative to them growing up in a broken home. Bravo, Spain!

antoniodiaz /

antoniodiaz /

Norway’s Halden Prison

Halden Prison in Norway is notorious for being the home of mass murderer Anders Breivik – but it’s not just its famous occupants that make it so well known. The prison offers single-person cells that have private bathrooms and shared kitchens between 12 people, making this more like a local community club than a prison.

Interestingly, the prison is used for people serving long periods of time. There’s a library in there, a climbing wall to keep fit, and — wait for it – a recording studio. The Halden Prison sounds like an upmarket hostel, offering club activities, televisions, comfortable sofas and beds. In what universe could Halden really be described as a prison?


So, prisons seem to be changing whether we like it or not. While many high security prisons remain focused on punishment, more are popping up across Europe, America and beyond that focus on recovery, rehabilitation and education, and those that do tend to be far more comfortable and luxurious than the others.

Justis- og politidepartementet / Halden fengsel

Justis- og politidepartementet / Halden fengsel

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