The World’s Most Luxurious Prisons

Scotland’s Addiewell Prison

Over in bonnie ol’ Scotland, there’s the Addiewell prison. Here, prisoners are encouraged to learn and rehabilitate. Prisoners here are taught to improve their attitude to life, how to avoid reoffending and how to become more employable when they are eventually let back out after serving their time.

This isn’t completely uncommon for prisons – in fact, most prisons have schemes that are designed to make their prisoners more employable and more functional members of society. However, Addiewell has a unique, clean and ultra-modern interior that makes the interior of the prison look more like a modern art exhibition than a cell block.

The prison can hold no more than 700 inmates at a time, and it takes in not just those who have been convicted of crimes but those who are awaiting their trials. This new kind of prison could prove to be a success in the long run, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, prisoners get a pretty nice experience!

New Zealand’s Otago Correctional Facility

On the other side of the world, there’s the Otago Correctional Facility. The prison has just one entrance, and instead of huge walls, the building is surrounded by electric fences.

This is by no means maximum security, and you’re not likely to come across any murderers here, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. The rooms look more like teenagers’ bedrooms than cells, with desks, televisions, cork boards for posters and pretty comfortable looking beds.


If you’re a prisoner here, you won’t be sat inside all day, either. If you’re interested in learning, engineering courses are available and you can even learn about dairy farming. Prisoners get to learn other important skills for life outside of prison, too, like how to perform well in a job interview and how to cook a healthy meal. You could certainly do a lot worse if you’re getting locked in!

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Sweden’s Sollentuna Prison

The Sollentuna prison is a communal prison that offers inmates all the facilities they might expect from a club house. This is a modern facility that allows prisoners to prepare their own food and dine together, fostering a community and allowing people to change their behavior and prepare to become functioning and useful members of society once they leave.

Mattresses here are nothing like what you’d expect at most prisons throughout the rest of Sweden, and the kitchen and communal rooms have sofas and televisions, meaning prisoners can watch movies and pass the time with other people. The days of being alone in a prison cell here are well and truly gone.

What makes the cells interesting, however, is that the authorities regularly remind those who comment on their laissez-faire attitude that the entire facility is covered in security cameras that are recording night and day.

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