The World’s Most Expensive Bottles of Wine

If you love wine, or collecting historical artifacts, consider this list of the most expensive bottles on the planet.
Have you ever wondered what $2,000 tastes like? These vintages are so valuable, you would be crazy to drink them! Rather than consumables, think of them more as collector’s items, or artwork that appreciates with time.

When you check out these prices, you’ll see what I mean…

Penfold’s Grange Hermitage 1951: $38,500

Another great achievement by this wonderful Australian winery, Penfold’s produced the Hermitage vintage mid-century. While 1,800 bottles were originally produced, only 20 now exist. Made of predominantly Shiraz grapes, this blended wine was produced using experimental techniques inspired by the production of Bordeaux.

Milleflore Images / Shutterstock