The Weirdest Items Found by Airport Security


If you’ve never flown in Australia, here’s a fun fact for you: boomerangs are actually permitted in the cabins of all inter-Australia flights. You know, just in case you can’t go an hour without touching your boomerang.

However, once you head out of the country, you have to pack your boomerang into your checked luggage, because other countries consider this ancient weapon an actual weapon, and don’t allow it on flights.

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18 Severed Heads

Finding 18 severed heads is a difficult task, even if you aren’t searching across state and country borders. In 2013, a large batch of severed heads that were intended to be used for medical research purposes were misplaced at Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Apparently, the paperwork was mislaid, and the heads that were supposed to arrive never showed up. This led to a full-scale search across the country for the heads that never made it to their final destination.

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A Baby

In 2012, a couple who was trying to visit the UAE got into trouble when security agents at Sharjah International Airport scanned their bags and found their young son, who they had tried to smuggle into the country.


They’d tried to bring him in legally, but were turned away because he did not have a visa. So, like any sane set of parents would do, they decided to try and trick the security officials by zipping their child into a carry-on bag and smuggling him through security.

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