The Shortest Meeting-to-Marriage Lengths in Hollywood

It seems like lately, there’s been a rash of quick celebrity engagements that have happened so fast it makes our collective heads spin.

Although high-profile couples often follow the same paths, there are some that traverse it quicker than others. From their first public outing together, which is usually to some gala event, all the way to the flashing of the engagement rock (which also usually takes place at some gala event) and the expensive, paparazzi-snapped wedding, it’s a solid Hollywood tradition to pack as much as possible into a dizzyingly short amount of time. Whether that’s to avoid the paparazzi or just because the market for singles in Hollywood is too brutal to stay in for long, us ordinary mortals will never know.

Here are some of the shortest meeting-to-marriage timelines in Hollywood history.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

One couple whose whirlwind romance has recently shocked the American public is singer Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson. Although the timeline has been endlessly speculated upon by pop culture fanatics, it still isn’t 100 percent certain. What we do know is that the couple met on March 12, 2016, when she was hosting SNL. Both were with other people at the time.

In May of 2018, they both confirmed splits with their respective partners, and rumors that they had started dating were swirling. After getting matching tattoos and several individual tattoos inspired by each other, they confirmed their engagement, just two weeks after they officially announced that they were dating. Davidson later shared that he picked out Grande’s engagement ring the day they met.


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

Although their relationship before engagement might not be as short as we originally thought (they did officially date for a few months back in 2016), Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s relationship would still qualify as a “whirlwind” by most people.

Most recently, the Biebs confirmed their relationship was officially back on in mid-June of this year, at which point Baldwin pointedly removed all traces of singer Shawn Mendes (a recent “friendship” that culminated in them attending the Met Gala together). Their engagement was confirmed on July 7, 2018, about three weeks after they confirmed that they were together. The close-friends-turned fiancées have been photographed since the engagement showing off the massive oval-cut diamond ring on Baldwin’s finger.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

The 10-year age gap between Nick Jonas and new fiancée Priyanka Chopra hasn’t stopped them from pursuing a relationship.

The couple attended the 2017 Met Gala together but claimed to be platonic friends. Then, about a year after that, they confirmed that they were dating. A month later, in June 2018, the couple flew to India together for the first time where Jonas met Chopra’s mother. Less than a month after that, they confirmed their engagement, and almost immediately Jonas flew with his parents back to India to meet the rest of Chopra’s family and took part in a traditional Roka ceremony designed to unify the families of the bridal couple.

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