The Richest People in 50 American Cities

Spoiler alert: I’m not on this list. But… could you imagine how interesting that would be? I mean, everyone would know who you were… and how much you’re worth…  and probably where you live. Now that I think about it, I’d actually prefer being the 4th or 5th richest person in my city. I’m a simple man.

Atlanta, GA

Anne Cox Chambers, $17 B
$17 billion dollars ain’t nothing to laugh at. Anne Cox Chambers amassed her fortune by growing her media conglomerate, Cox Enterprises with her sister and co-owner Barbara Cox Anthony.

Fun fact: her father, James M. Cox, once ran for President in the 1920s.

Austin, TX

Michael Dell, $18.7 B
Yup… that “B” also stands for billion. Michael Dell smashed his way in to the tech industry as the founder, chairman and CEO of Dell Inc., peddling affordable personal computers to, well… everyone.

And sure, Michael Dell seems like a nice guy, but I hate him because he’s responsible for this. Dude, come on.


Baltimore, MD

Stephen Bisciotti, $3.2 B
He’s got a yacht, a football team and, most importantly, a name that slightly resembles a delicious Italian treat. Sign me up for that.

Bisciotti started like most of us do, by building an aerospace tech company out of his garage at 23. Not the most conventional road to a Superbowl right, but hey, whatever works, am I right?

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