The Rectangular-Shaped Crystal Ball: The Times TV Shows Predicted the Future

Although many of the shows that we enjoy watching today are focused on delving into the past (The Crown, Wild Wild Country, Downton Abbey), a sizable number of other shows are focused on imagining our future. These sci-fi or fantasy dramas are popular because they allow us to see a particular take on the future that creative minds have dreamed up.

Although showrunners and writers are bound by the constraints of time, money, and network approval, many of the TV shows that we know, and love have inadvertently predicted the future. You may not realize how close the plot of some TV shows come to reality, so today we’re here to explore the large and small aspects of our lives that have been predicted by Hollywood writers.

The Simpsons – President Trump

In 2000, a solid 15 years before Donald Trump descended the golden escalator in Trump Tower to announce his bid for the presidency of the United States, The Simpsons predicted that he would one day run for President.

The storyline followed Bart in the episode “Bart to the Future”, as he explores what his life in the future would be like. As you may have guessed, he didn’t amount to much, but the show showed Lisa about to take the reins of the presidency from Donald Trump. Their prediction was so accurate it was almost eerie — they even showed him riding down the Trump Tower escalator. The only difference was that he was accompanied by Homer Simpson, not Melania.