The Most Shocking and Controversial Show Cancellations


The cancellation of the popular Adam West show Batman was never supposed to be final as the classic superhero drama met its final end due to a major miscommunication. ABC had cancelled the show midway through its third season due to rising production costs and falling ratings, but NBC stepped in to pick it up right away and were willing to save it provided that they didn’t have to rebuild the set from scratch. ABC readily agreed, but no one thought to tell the crew, who went ahead with the plan to bulldoze the set, forcing NBC to leave the show in the can rather than build another wildly expensive Batcave.


It’s not surprising that you don’t remember Luck, a 2012 HBO series about professional horse racing that only lasted one season before producers pulled the plug. The show itself was doing fine; it wasn’t Game of Thrones, but ratings were moderate, and the stars were all signed on for the future episodes. The only problem was with the equine stars of the show.

The realistic scenes were incredibly dangerous to the horses, and two died filming the first season alone. While they were filming the second season, a third horse had to be euthanized after rearing up and flipping over completely, hitting its head on the ground.



Firefly is probably the only show that can comfortably fit inside the label “space Western drama.” It followed a group of characters living on the fringes of society in a spaceship, trying to cope with the aftermath of a catastrophic civil war.

Although it had a deeply loyal following, it only ran 11 of its 14 produced episodes before it was summarily pulled off the air. Many fans blame Fox for marketing it as a comedy when it clearly wasn’t, accidentally playing the episodes out of order, and sticking it in a horrible timeslot. They organized a massive write in campaign to save the show from cancellation.

The write-in campaign failed, but it led to the production of the follow up film, Serenity.

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