The Most Shocking and Controversial Show Cancellations

Young Justice

The animated TV series Young Justice is an adaptation of the DC Universe that follows teen versions of your favorite superheroes and sidekicks as they learn to harness their skills to fight crime. Although this show is a cartoon, it deals with a lot of serious issues that even superhero movies haven’t covered, like parent-child relationships and body image issues. There are some awesome characters in the show, including several kickass female superheroes.

Producer Paul Dini has claimed that the show was cancelled because it wasn’t popular enough with the key demographic of young men. In fact, it was too popular with girls, who don’t buy enough toys to satisfy the show’s advertisers.

Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

The early 2000s was a strange time for reality TV. Network executives were just starting to realize how popular the genre was becoming, and they were scrambling to put out programming that would appeal to people interested in that type of show.

One of the strangest reality TV shows ever produced was Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? — a dating competition where women competed for the honor of marrying Rick Rockwell, a self-reported multi-millionaire. The show was cancelled after the first season because a New York Times article revealed that Rockwell had lied about his income, as well as his employment, and was actually a failed real-estate developer who had a past history of spousal abuse.


Police Squad!

Police Squad! is considered the prequel to the hit comedy film Naked Gun! This parody of a 1960s police drama premiered in 1982, and although it was an extremely effective parody of the genre, it was cancelled after only six episodes.

It had many of the visual gags and dry humor that audiences came to love in Naked Gun!, but since it was so different than most TV shows on the air at the time, many people didn’t get it. When it was cancelled, network executives explained that it didn’t work because “you had to watch it to appreciate it,” which clearly, they could not expect their audiences to do.

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