The Most Iconic Award Show Looks of All Time

As we officially enter award season, it’s easy to get drawn into the glamor and excitement that surrounds each awards night. While the actual ceremonies themselves are hours long, filled with both commercial breaks and awkward banter from often-second rate hosts, the one aspect of award shows that remains exciting year after year is the red-carpet arrivals. It’s thrilling to see what people are wearing — even the most boring presenter can be elevated to star status depending on their sartorial choices.

There have been some amazing red carpet looks already this year. See for yourself whether they match up to some of the most iconic award show looks of all time.

1. Cher at the 1986 Academy Awards

Cher’s unbelievably iconic look at the 1986 Academy Awards was designed for her by legendary designer Bob Mackie. She made such a bold choice in an effort to stand out, and stray from the casual wardrobe that she had been wearing in her recent films. She also hoped to attract some attention to make up for the fact that she felt snubbed when her film Mask failed to be nominated for an award that year.

The elaborate plumed headdress was matched with a sequined net top and a low-slung skirt, leaving her midriff entirely bare. Her arms were covered with a long, silky cloak.