The Most Expensive Tips Ever Given

Being a server in a bar or restaurant can be hard and thankless work, with long hours and no guarantee of a living wage. Once in a while, a wealthy guardian angel walks in and makes a server’s day! Check out these stories of some of the most insanely huge tips ever given:


David Beckham tipped waitress Claudia Belden $1,000 on a $100 check at a bar where he was celebrating winning a big soccer match. He drank only mineral water and signed autographs for anyone who asked.

“He smelled so nice!” Ms. Belden said.



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A waitress at a diner in Texas received the value of a plane ticket to Italy from a kind customer who had overheard her saying that her dream was to travel overseas. The $1,000 tip was left on a bill worth $60.




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Ellen DeGeneres surprised a guest on her show with a large tip when she interviewed Edgar Martirosyan, the man who famously delivered pizza to the stars when Ellen was hosting the Oscars in 2014. At the end of the show, Ellen collected tips from the Oscars audience in Pharrell Williams’s hat, and later topped it off with her own money. She awarded the $1,000 tip to Edgar at the end of an interview with him on her show.



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