The Lux of Pucks: 21 Most Impressive NHL Homes

3. Jeremy Roenicke

Unlike most players on this list, Roenicke turned away from hockey after retirement. On his land in Phoenix, Roenicke built a baseball field. The field, along with the house, sits on a 10,000 square foot property. The house itself has a southwest style and features seven bedrooms with eight baths. If you are special enough, you could stay in one of the master suites. If you are in a gambling mood, try the poker room.

It even comes with a wet bar! If you would prefer some privacy, you could always stay in the guest house. At 2,000 square feet, this house could become a permanent residence if one chose to do so. After a long day on the baseball field, Roenicke could relax in the spa or take a few laps in the pool — the perfect solution for aching muscles.

2. Wayne Gretzky

The Great One is not quite the greatest on this list. Wayne Gretzky’s former California home rested on 6.5 acres of land. If you wanted some privacy, you could pick between not one, but three different guest houses on the property. To entertain yourself, you could play tennis or simply read a book in the library. If you wanted to stay in the main house, there are five bedrooms and six bathrooms. If you get hungry in the middle of the night, you could raid the kitchen and use the pizza oven. To work off that pizza, you could end your stay there with a few laps in the swimming pool.


1. Mario Lemieux

The most extravagant home in the NHL belongs to Mario Lemieux. This 15,000 square foot mansion has all the features. Located in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, this chateau style mansion fits in with the surrounding ski resorts. You would have your pick of 23 rooms and 10 bathrooms. Along with all the bedrooms, you can spend your time in the pool or tennis courts. On a cold night, you could curl up in front of the brick fireplace and relax.

Michael Miller / Own Work

Michael Miller / Own Work

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