The Lux of Pucks: 21 Most Impressive NHL Homes

15. Kirk McLean

In a hippy part of Vancouver, McLean created his home. Kitsilano is the perfect retreat during the off season — and it’s a far cry from his bachelor pad.

McLean picked a house with a great view of the water. He let his girlfriend decorate the house. Each room offers a distinct look which can only be described as traditional with a hint of contemporary. The kitchen boasts an island with stainless steel appliances. The couple used both new and old items to bring the rooms together. The back deck contains a lounge area to admire the view while offering privacy at the same time.

14. Patrick Kane

Staying close to his hometown was important to Kane when selecting a home. He chose a colonial mansion with 6,000 square feet of space. He has a five bedroom, 3.5 bath option for his friends to visit. There is a pool to use when the weather is right. If the pool doesn’t interest you, you have the option of going into the basement where Kane keeps his man cave. If you are still bored — though, who could be — you could go down to Lake Erie. Kane has a direct path on his property to go there whenever he wants.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

13. Martin St Louis

Fancy a game of golf? Before selling the property, St Louis had access to a local country club in Tampa. This house was based in the Mediterranean style and was protected by a gated community. Not only did the house have six bedrooms, St Louis even had an in-law suite. He could host his in-laws (or whoever else, we guess) without even running into them! Who wouldn’t want that?

The 6,300 square foot home also had an impressive backyard. If he was entertaining guests, the guests could lounge in the pool while someone cooked. If you wanted to polish your golf game, simply use his practice green. Careful though, don’t create any divots!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

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