The Lux of Pucks: 21 Most Impressive NHL Homes

We all know the saying: “Work hard, play harder.” Some athletes take that saying to the extreme.

NHL players never really stop training. Even in the off season, they are still trying to stay in shape and keep their skills sharp. To reward them, the league pays them very well. Players invest in homes that allow them to train and entertain at the same time. Each decorates to their own personality and how they wish to relax when they get the time. Most end up selling the houses when they are traded. These houses still hold remnants of their former owners.


In order to effectively help them, most players invest in a gym or facility. They have to train somewhere, and why leave the house for that? While most players buy older mansions and redecorate, some choose to start fresh and build to their preferences. Whatever they decide, you can bet there is a sense of luxury.

These 21 homes represent the top house for players, owners, and coaches. While the homes may have a recurring theme, the players themselves are anything but ordinary.

21. Patrice Bergeron

While not much is known about Bergeron’s house, his backyard is what landed him on this list. During the off season, most players would like a break from hockey. Not Bergeron. In his backyard is a hockey rink. While at the back of the property, the hockey rink is Bergeron’s favorite part of the house. During the summer, he will invite fellow teammates or friends for a friendly game. He also enjoys his hot tub and the massive deck it sits on.