The Land of Giants: The Largest Athletes in Sports History

6. Hong-man Choi

Hong-man Choi is not someone you’d ever want to meet in a kickboxing ring. Nicknamed the “Korean Colossus,” he stands at 7 feet 2 inches tall, and is a powerhouse kickboxer who has won championships across Asia.

Choi first got his start in Ssireum — a style of wrestling that’s historically been Korea’s national sport. His first major kickboxing victory took place as part of a K-1 event in 2005 and was a frequently seen face on the K-1 karate, kickboxing and kung fu channel until 2008.

As of 2013, he’s been actively trying to diversify. Lately, he’s been laying down some tracks with K-Pop star Kang Soo Hee.

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