The Future is Now: Sci-Fi Gadgets that are Actually Real

Cell Phones

Smart phones are great and all, but we can’t help missing the old flip phones. They are reminiscent of the communicators used in the Star Trek series. Motorola engineer Martin Cooper, who helped spearhead the development of the first cellular phone in the 1970s, has since admitted that he got the idea from watching Captain Kirk use his communicator on the original Star Trek series.

Of course, the first brick-like cell phones didn’t look nearly as cool as the communicator, but that has since been remedied. Now you can actually purchase a bluetooth speakerphone that looks identical to the sleek gold device featured on the show.

Susan Law Cain / Shutterstock


In Douglas Adam’s now classic sci-fi novel series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, there are two things that come in very handy when his hero Arthur Dent travels through space: a towel and a Babel Fish. A Babel Fish was described as a small leech-like creature that, when placed in his ear, could translate the language of nearly any alien Dent encountered.

Much like the Babel Fish, The Pilot from Waverly Labs is a wearable earpiece that can hear and instantly translate foreign languages. Each set comes with two earpieces so that you and your new foreign friend can communicate back and forth. For just $249, The Pilot and essentially the whole world (and someday, the whole galaxy) can be yours.


Speeder Bikes

In our humble opinion, one of the most thrilling scenes in the entire Star Wars franchise is in Return of the Jedi when Luke and Leia zip around the forests of Endor in a high velocity speeder bike chase. Believe it or not, hovering bikes now actually exist.

In February 2017, a Russian tech company released a video of a test flight of the Scorpion 3, a hovering motorcycle that runs on hybrid electric and battery power. The Scorpion 3 can travel up to 31 miles per hour and has a two-hour battery life. To live out your Star Wars fantasy, the Scorpion 3 can be yours for just $150,000. At that price, we wouldn’t recommend driving it anywhere near trees.

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