The Funniest Weird Al Yankovic Songs

Weird Al Yankovic, real name Alfred Matthew Yankovic, has enjoyed an iconic, decades-long career that outlived many of the music trends that he so memorably made fun of. The man’s racked up four Grammy Awards, his studio albums have gone Gold and Platinum countless times over, and he even enjoyed a No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 with his comeback record Mandatory Fun. Add to that his extensive resume of television, cartoon, and movie appearances to boot.

Yes, my friends, behind that goofy demeanor and buried under that crop of curly hair is a brain (and a body) that flat out gets stuff done. It’s certainly not an accident, either. No, my friends, the Downey, California native started noodling on his accordion at the tender age of seven-years-old and never looked back.

Today, we pay tribute to the man who’s built a career on poking fun at an industry that far-too-often takes itself far-too-seriously. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in to the funniest Weird Al songs ever!

Eat It

Weird Al’s classic parody “Eat It” took on the Michael Jackson’s smash hit “Beat It” and was featured on the album Weird Al Yankovic in 3-D in 1984. The King of Pop’s version is a classic pump-up tune with lyrics that are crafted to inspire confidence. Weird Al’s version, not so much. Instead of telling haters where to go, Weird Al’s lyrics jokingly encourage his fans to clean their dinners plates.

With a music video that mirrors MJ’s and lyrics that aggressively pay tribute to tuna casserole, it’s no surprise that the single went Gold in 1989.