The Cutest Celebrity Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is everyone’s favorite excuse to eat candy, dress silly, and hunker down on the couch for a freaky movie. It’s a time of sugar, costume parties, and embracing the little kid in all of us.

Thanks to the dawn of social media, Halloween has also transformed in to a way to flex your creative muscle for the digital world. Every year, more and more people are dressing up, posting, and going viral. Celebrities, ordinary people, costume designers, when it comes to Halloween success on social media, it’s an even playing field.

Well, sort of. As you’ll soon find out, celebrities are pretty darn good at dressing up their children come October. Make up, expensive costumes, adorably photogenic kids … us regular people never stood a chance.

Today, we feature some of the cutest celebrity kid’s Halloween costumes to ever hit the Internet. Let’s go!

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has enjoyed an incredible resurgence of late. Film appearances, prime-time cable shows, a high-budget (and popular) Netflix series … the list goes on. You’d think that, once the man is done working, he’d kick his feet up and relax a bit. Not so.

NPH must have put in some serious overtime with this incredible family costume theme. Harris and crew (his husband and two children) caked on the face paint and opted to go as a group of traveling freak show entertainers. Those kids definitely deserve a treat.