The Celebrities Lost in 2017

The world mourned the losses of Gene Wilder, Arnold Palmer, Florence Henderson, and David Bowie back in 2016. It was a rough year for our collective childhoods, no doubt. But we made it through another year and set our optimistic hearts towards 2017. Sadly, not a year goes by without the loss of the idols that we once looked up to, and 2017 was no different.

In 2017, we lost another batch of groundbreaking artists, musicians, actors, and public figures. Today on Filthy Rich, we highlight the ones that still sting. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to include all of our fallen heroes on this list. So, a well deserved honorable mention goes out to blues legend Fats Domino, phenomenal actor Bill Paxton, rock n’ roll impresario Greg Allman, and former middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta. You will all be missed for many years to come.

Gord Downie

Musician, activist, poet … Gord Downie did it all with unparalleled grace and his own, unique style.

Most famous for his role as the lead singer of the quintessential Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip, Downie made international headlines with his terminal cancer diagnosis and subsequent farewell tour in 2016.

Sadly, the inevitable happened in 2017. On October 17, 2017, Glioblastoma got the better of him. Although Gord Downie’s life was cut tragically short.