The Biggest TV Renewals of 2018

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical comedy that premiered on the CW in 2015, and stars creator Rachel Bloom in the leading role as the “crazy” Rebecca Bunch who moves from NYC to the tiny town of West Covina, California to be with her ex-boyfriend from summer camp. The show was just renewed for a fourth season, which Bloom and co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna say will be their last as they want to end the series on their own terms.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been praised for its frank depiction of female sexuality and mental health and uses songs and music to talk about difficult topics like abortion, bipolar disorder, and coming out.

Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix’s show Santa Clarita Diet straddles a fine line between horror and comedy as it tells the story of real estate agent Sheila Hammond who transforms into a zombie, and has to balance her new zombie life with her old life as a normal human being. The show stars Drew Barrymore as Sheila, and Timothy Olyphant as her husband Joel. While many people adore the comedy, it has turned others off with its graphic depiction of blood and gore. It was recently renewed for a third season, which will premier in 2019.



Empire is a musical drama that follows Lucious Lyon, a hip-hop mogul trying to determine which of his sons will succeed him as the CEO of Empire Entertainment. Created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, it debuted on Fox in 2015, and has consistently drawn unbelievable viewer numbers — over 17 million people tuned in for the first season premier.

While their numbers have dropped throughout its four seasons, they’ve remained very strong. Empire was renewed for a fifth season in May of 2018.

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