The Biggest Snubs of the 2018 Oscar Nominations

Ah, the Academy Awards. The annual celebration of all that’s great in the world of cinema! Annual events like the Academy Awards offer us a welcome respite from politics, scandal, and the chaos of the world around us. Instead, for one magical night, the Western world turns its critical eye on fashion faux pas, bad speeches, and unwarranted critical acclaim.

Though we sure love to celebrate the successful, pretty people of Hollywood, we also love the losers. That’s because, the official 2018 nominations left more than a handful of fan-favorite movies, actors, writers, and directors off of the ballot yet again.

Today on Filthy Rich, we take a look at the biggest, pre-Oscar snubs of 2018. Let’s go!

Steven Spielberg

I remember the days when Steven Spielberg owned a reserved spot on the Academy Awards list of Best Director nominations. And, with films like E.T., Schindler’s List, Lincoln, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s easy to see why. The man is a legend.

BUT, his reputation and the success of his 2017 film The Post wasn’t enough to secure him another Best Director nomination. IS THERE ANY JUSTICE?!

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock