The Biggest Snubs of the 2018 Emmy Nominations

Every year, people turn to the Emmy Award nomination committee to predict which TV shows will flop and which will flourish in the future. Although the award is meant to recognize a job well done, it ends up being treated more like a crystal ball, with people using it as a predictor of future success. Every year, networks put up a fight to secure a nomination for their show or their show’s stars, which serves as a way to publicize their show to viewers and ensures that it continues to get the advertising dollars that are so critical to its success.

This year, the Emmy’s lauded shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Atlanta, while offering a number of conspicuous snubs to popular shows like Twin Peaks and Will & Grace. Today, let’s explore this year’s snubs, and see whether we agree with the committee’s choice.

Twin Peaks

The snub that everyone is talking about for 2018 is Twin Peaks, a 90s era cult hit that was revisited I 2017 by creator David Lynch as an 18-episode limited series which aired on Showtime. It was recreated in exactly the same style as the first run of the show, which earned it a number of well-deserved artisan nominations for direction and writing but did not receive any nominations for acting or overall programming like people hoped it would. It’s an unfortunate snub, especially considering the fact that many publications have already hailed it as the best TV show of 2017.