The Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Grandpa Kitchen

Grandpa Kitchen is the YouTube channel of an Indian charity organization focused on providing for the basic needs of orphans in their community. Their cooking videos serve as a way to reach the world outside of their local area and connect to potential donors on YouTube and Patreon.

The videos are hosted by a grinning older man known as “Grandpa,” and he cooks up massive quantities of delicious Indian dishes like vegetable Hakka noodles, samosas, and goat biryani. As the food is dished out, we get to see the young children enjoy their meal with Grandpa.


If you’re a new chef on the hunt for some great videos on the basics, look no further than ChefSteps.

It’s a YouTube channel staffed with award-winning chefs and designers whose primary objects is to create simple, straightforward videos that explain basic culinary concepts like how to truss a chicken, how to sharpen a chef’s knife, and how to peel garlic. They also bring you out of the kitchen and into the real world with videos on how to select the best produce, fish, and vegetables. They also have a great series called ChefSteps: Science Corner where they break down the science behind ordinary kitchen gadgets like the microwave and blenders.



Formerly known as Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc, this YouTube channel recently simplified its name to Townsends, and it’s one of the most unique cooking channels on YouTube. Their focus is on recreating popular dishes from the 18th century, like macaroni, beet pancakes, and barley soup. They also have a ton of other videos about life in the 18th century, where they’ll teach you to make cording out of bark, truss a rabbit for outdoor roasting, and clean your flintlock rifle.

See for yourself if we’ve really perfected fried chicken, or whether the Townsend’s recipe from 1736 is as delicious as anything KFC or Popeyes has fried up.

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