The Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Cooking with Dog

One of the earliest YouTube cooking shows is a channel called Cooking with Dog that features a Japanese home cook and her adorable poodle, Francis. They have 1.4 million subscribers and have been active since 2007.

The chef, whose name is never disclosed, is an excellent home cook, and has produced staggering array of dishes in the show’s 11-year history, ranging from homemade udon noodles and Kansai-style sukiyaki to tiramisu, apple tarts, and steak with garlic sauce. Each video is about five to 10 minutes in length, and although it goes by quickly, the chef always takes time at the end to explain the ingredients and where they can be purchased.

Brothers Green Eats

The Brothers Green Eats YouTube channel is just two Brooklyn brothers, Mike and Josh Greenfield, and their simple, easy, culinary adventures. Their focus is on unfussy, cheap eats that can be made with the tools that most people already have in their home kitchens. While many of their videos focus on weekly food prep and simple meals, they also have great videos on fermentation for beginners, where they teach people how to make beer, kombucha, and sourdough bread. They also have a series called How to Live on $3 a Day, which chronicles their attempts to make three cheap and healthy meals a day.


You Suck At Cooking

The motto of the You Suck At Cooking YouTube channel is “No bullshit. Just cooking. (except for all of the bullshit)” and it does a pretty great job of summing up their attitude towards food.

The hosts of You Suck At Cooking use goofy skits, animations, and music to encourage people to take cooking less seriously. They make amazing dishes like beef stew, breakfast burritos, and game day artichoke dip, accompanied by hilarious commentary as well as simple, thorough instructions.

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