The Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Binging with Babish

If you’re the type that watches a TV show and spends half the time thinking about how you could recreate the dishes that the characters are eating, Binging with Babish is the YouTube channel for you.

It’s the brainchild of Andrew Rea, a filmmaker who quit his day job in 2016 to film himself reverse engineering the classic dishes we see on film and in TV shows. The name comes from The West Wing character Oliver Babish. His first popular video was of him making the “Moistmaker” sandwich from Friends, but his most popular episodes so far have featured the Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants and Jake’s perfect sandwich from Adventure Time.


Munchies is Vice Media’s food website, and they have their own YouTube channel that features tons of programming including shows like Cure Your Hangover, The Pizza Show, and Bong Appetit. The first person to make a name for themselves on Munchies was Matty Matheson, a former chef turned TV personality whose videos are full of unashamed cursing and unbridled enthusiasm for his ingredients.

Munchies focuses on indulgent foods, often featuring their own creations like cannabis cocktails and avocado toast pizza. Videos generally range in length from five to 25 minutes and are a great way to explore indulgent food without the calories that come from actually eating it.



Tasty is Buzzfeed’s food-focused publication whose videos are known for going viral all across the social-media-sphere.

Many of their videos are focused on viral content that they know will attract attention, like episodes of Eating Your Feed that follow non-chefs trying to recreate Pinterest recipes, but they do have some content that’s more useful. Their show Tasty 101 is focused on basics such as how to cook a great filet mignon, or how to cook amazing risotto. They also do a lot of comparison videos. In particular, their show Night In/Night Out takes a homecooked recipe and compares to an expensive restaurant dish.

If you’re willing to wade through a lot of clickbait, there’s some great content here.

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