The Best TV Spin-Offs Ranked

Television is something that we all grew up watching. We all have our favorite TV shows that we loved to watch. They could be shows you watched with your family, sitting in front of the TV eating dinner. Or it could be a TV show that allowed your inner nerd to come out, letting you join a fandom of likewise lovers. Either way, people tuned into these classics on a regular basis and they’ve become very popular.

Along the way, these popular TV shows spun off into other shows. Would the same fans tune into a show with only some of the characters? Some spin-offs are big hits and others are flops. It is hit or miss with these spin-offs, but we check out the best of the best right here!

13. Better Call Saul

There is no need to have a spin-off from such a huge hit like Breaking Bad, right? We mean, AMC struck gold with the tragic story of Walter White, so how could you top it? By following the transformation of regular attorney Jimmy McGill into fan-favorite Saul Goodman, that is.

Better Call Saul is more than a prequel to Breaking Bad, as it has dived into events following the end of its parent series. Following Breaking Bad’s massive success, the show had very big shoes that it initially couldn’t fill. Now in its third season, Better Call Saul has found its stride and can only get better from here.

12. Torchwood

Doctor Who has been such a huge hit, so why wouldn’t a spin-off series work? It did when Russell T. Davies and the BBC gave fans the more-mature Torchwood. If you notice, it just happens to be an anagram of Doctor Who, so it was bound and determined to work, right?


Torchwood follows bi-sexual time traveler Captain Jack Harness and new recruit Gwen Cooper, as they lead the Cardiff division of Torchwood to hunt down aliens and supernatural threat. Lasting four seasons, the show developed into a cult-favorite for all sci-fi geeks out there, not just Doctor Who fans. Plus, with the TV series continuing in the form of the radio drama Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, this spin-off lives on.

11. Star Trek: The Next Generation

The original Star Trek ended 20 years before a spin-off ever arrived. This was a big move, as fans were left wanting more when the series originally ended, but would they still want it 20 years later? Considering Star Trek’s everlasting popularity, it would be a safe guess to say they did.

Set 100 years after the original, The Next Generation saw a whole new captain and crew take up the mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. Throughout its seven-season run and countless years of syndication, this show showed a younger generation wide-eyed optimism and intrigue that made Star Trek a seminal sci-fi franchise in the first place.

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