The Best Kickstarter Products of All Time

Baubax Travel Jacket

If you’ve ever struggled with wrangling a carry-on, jacket, backpack, and purse on to a crowded flight, you’ll understand why the Baubax Travel Jacket was one of the most successful Kickstarter products of all time.

This jacket, which was created by Baubax LLC, comes in eight different styles and contains several travel necessities like a neck pillow, eye mask, pen and stylus, and portable charger, as well as pockets specifically designed for useful items like iPads, passports, and blankets. It raised a total of $9,192,055, and any pledge of $89 or more got backers a first-generation model of this super-useful travel accessory.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling

The Peak Design team, led by the unique needs of photographers, managed to create a series of everyday bags that are incredibly versatile, lightweight, and adaptable. Available in four different styles — backpack, sling, pocket, and tote — these bags each contain a myriad of different dividers and pockets, so you can carry a massive amount of luggage and gear that’s still easily accessible. All the bags are made from rugged, waterproof fabric with waterproof zippers and custom hardware that’s built to last.

The project was backed by more than 26,000 people, who raised a total of $6,565,782. The bags are now sold in specialty shops around the world.


Fidget Cube

Although playing with a fidget spinner at your desk is probably only appropriate if you work with young children, sometimes you just need something to fiddle with as you think things through or sit through an endless meeting.

The Fidget Cube, which was one of the most successful Kickstarter toys of all time, has six sides, each with its own special function, including one shaped like the indentation of a worry stone to remind you to breathe. Available in 10 unique colorways, the company crowdsourced an unbelievable $6,465,690 from 154,926 backers. These slick toys now retail for $9.99 on the Antsy Labs website.

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