The Best Cooking TV Shows of All Time

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table premiered on Netflix in 2015, and was created by David Gelb, the same filmmaker who created the legendary documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The show has been running for four seasons and showcases a different chef in their restaurant’s kitchen every episode. The way that the creators have structured each episode allows us a glimpse at both the personal and professional life of the chef and allows them to expound on their cooking philosophy. Chefs like Grant Achatz, Magnus Nilsson, Ivan Orkin, and Christina Tosi have been featured, as well as dozens of others.

Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen is a UK TV series that was Gordon Ramsay’s initial claim to fame. He hosted the first series, then went on to host the American iteration that premiered a year after the British version. The American Hell’s Kitchen is now in its 17th season. In this show, teams of chefs compete to see who will win the job of head chef at an elite restaurant.

Ramsay has built a brand around his trademark brash and critical style, and viewers regularly tune in to watch the competitors sweat under his aggressive supervision. Past winners have gone on to work at American restaurants like Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, and Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant.

Ugly Delicious

Another amazing Netflix show that premiered to excellent reviews in 2018 is Ugly Delicious, which is hosted by Momofuku restaurant owner and chef David Chang. The show focuses on different aspects of both American and world cuisine and explains how they evolved. Some of the episode titles include “Pizza,” “Tacos,” and “Homecooking.”

Chang then goes into the kitchen, and puts this knowledge to use, often with the help of other chefs like Sean Brock and Steven Yeun. Although there has only been one eight-episode season so far, hopefully the show will continue.

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