The Best Cooking TV Shows of All Time

Good Eats

Another incredible chef who has made a huge impact on the landscape of TV cooking is Alton Brown, an American chef turned TV personality who has been the host of the show Good Eats from 1999 until today. Each half-hour episode focuses on a different ingredient, cooking technique, or theme, and has several segments focused on choosing the right appliances and tools as well as the cooking portion of the show.

It’s the third-longest running Food Network TV series in history, and although it went off the air in 2011, Brown recently announced that he would be producing new episodes of the show online.

Iron Chef

Although there have been several iterations of this show, the Japanese Iron Chef will always be the most iconic. The premise is that a guest chef enters the arena to challenge one of the ‘”ron Chefs” — Chefs Sakai, Ishinabe, Morimoto, Michiba, Chen, Nakamura, and Kobe — to a battle centered around a certain theme ingredient. They then have to create as many dishes with the theme ingredient as they possibly can in the limited time allotted.

An American version, Iron Chef America, premiered in 2005, featuring star American chefs Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, and one of the original Iron Chefs, Matsuharu Morimoto. A fourth chef, Cat Cora, was added later.


The Great British Bake Off

One of the most charming cooking TV shows of all time is The Great British Bake Off, a series that follows a group of amateur bakers as they compete to be declared the best baker in Britain. Not only are the contestants charming, regular people, they often help each other out and generally behave in the complete opposite way that you would expect reality TV contestants to conduct themselves during a competition. The competition is judged by veteran bakers Mary Berry, Prue Leith, and Paul Hollywood. The show’s eighth season just aired in 2017, and at least three more seasons are forthcoming.

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