The Batman of Each Generation

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer took on the role of Batman in the Batman Forever movie. This was right on the heels of Michael Keaton’s Batman. Although Keaton was a hard act to follow, Kilmer was on a high with his career and did a decent job in the role. To be honest, he seemed to be a better Bruce Wayne than Batman, but you can’t always have both, right?

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George Clooney

Oh, George Clooney. The Oscar-winning actor donned the spandex in the Batman & Robin movie. You would think he would excel, right? Not even close! This was before Clooney’s career truly took off, so he must have taken on a role to gain some more fame. He did, but not in a good way.

Clooney seemed bored playing Batman, which led to such a lackluster performance. This was true of the entire movie, as nothing else fared much better. They seemed more focused on bringing back the campy style of the original TV show, but it did not work with Clooney in the role.

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Christian Bale

After a couple lackluster castings in Val Kilmer and George Clooney, the role of Batman in Batman Begins was given to Christian Bale. He was not a well-known actor at the time, but this role definitely put his name out there in a big way. After those silly performances by Clooney and Kilmer, Bale took Batman on a lot darker ride.

Out of everything Bale did in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, he is best remembered for his iconic growling voice. The voice is so iconic that it is often imitated when people holler “I’m Batman!”


While Bale might be criticized for taking a back seat to Heather Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, he brought a grittier Batman to the big screen and fans loved it.

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