The Batman of Each Generation

If there was ever a more iconic character, we’d like to know who you think it is! Batman has been around for years, and over those years he has been played and voiced by a wide variety of people. Each actor has brought something new and exciting to the Batman character.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at the Batman of each generation. From the campiness of Adam West’s Batman to the animated goodness of Will Arnett’s Batman in The LEGO Batman movie, we have a wide selection to choose from. Check out the Batman of each generation below.

Adam West

Of all the Batman actors, Adam West is probably one of the most controversial. He brought a campy style to Batman in the 1960s and you either loved it or hated it. Both sides have some strong opinions about West’s portrayal of the caped crusader, but the thing is – we are still talking about it over 50 years later!

With that being addressed, West did give us an excellent tongue-in-cheek take on Batman. He grew a huge fan base from this role and he even helped guide the direction the comic books took in the 60s.

We have come a long way since West’s Batman, but we may not have had Batman on the big screen if it wasn’t for him.


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Michael Keaton

Is Michael Keaton the best Batman out there? A lot of people will argue that statement and it all started with a heap of controversy for him. Back in the 1980s, Keaton was known for being a comedic actor. However, director Tim Burton saw something in him while shooting Beetlejuice and wanted him starring in the Batman movie.

The thing is, Keaton nailed it! He took on the role of Batman and Bruce Wayne with such diligence. For a person that many thought would fail, Keaton set the standard for how to play Batman and Bruce Wayne. No matter who takes on the role in the future, they will always be compared to Keaton.

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Kevin Conroy (voice/animated)

Come on now, when you think of the caped crusader, there’s a certain voice that comes to mind, right? That voice happens to be the voice of Kevin Conroy, who has been the animated voice for Batman and Bruce Wayne for 25 years and counting. Conroy got his start with Batman: The Animated Series and now we all think of Conroy as The Batman.

Good news too! Conroy is currently voicing Batman in the new animated series Justice League Action and upcoming direct-to-video movie Batman and Harley Quinn. In all honesty, you can never get enough Conroy’s silky-smooth Batman voice.

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