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The 9 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

We all know that movie stars are making big money and it takes an entire crew to film our favorite blockbuster hits, but have you ever wondered how much it actually costs to make a movie?

Whether it’s a romantic comedy, action packed drama, or a sci-fi thriller, movies can cost millions to make. Between special effects, sets, props, crew, and of course the hottest celebrities in starring roles, it can be an expensive business to make a movie. We know they make big bucks once they hit theaters, but did you know some movies spend more on production than they make in profit? Here are the 9 most expensive movies ever made.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

This sequel to the popular Disney flick spent $225 million to make and became the fastest film to make $1 billion worldwide when it was released. The big budget for filming seemed to be worth it, because this hit has had a few more sequels since and continues to be a popular franchise for audiences of all ages.