The 9 Most Expensive Cities to Live In

We’ve all had dreams of living ritzy lives in expensive places, with fast cars, great food and stunning views from our imaginary penthouse apartments. But have you ever gauged how real those dreams could be? Take a look at our list of the 9 most expensive places to live to get a glimpse of what it would really take to get off your friend’s couch and conquer those cities.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Singapore is currently the most expensive city to live in, period, with food costs coming in 11% pricier than New York, and 50% higher clothing costs. Once you cut down your clothing and food budget, you may also want to stop leaving your place, as transportation and car prices are listed at 300% more expensive than New York. Looks like you’ll be walking hungry and half-naked to work.


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Luanda, Angola

Currently rated as the most expensive city for expats, Luanda is sure to crack even the most secure bank accounts wide open. Think that Manhattan is bad? Wait until you see your first monthly apartment fee come out of your account, weighing in at about $4,000 USD a month for one bedroom. Lack of infrastructure, and the small amount of available housing, make Luanda perhaps the toughest place to live on a shoestring.


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London, Great Britain

History buff? Love thinking of iconic legends like Keats wandering the same streets as you? That’s great, but be ready to pay for it. Monthly apartment rentals come in at about 1,500 pounds (roughly $2,300 USD) a month not to mention the numerous pints that you are going to need to swallow in order to forget all your other transportation and city costs. Good luck.


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New York City, USA

With the average rent for a one bedroom coming in at $3100/month USD it’s easy to see how just your apartment can make you broke in this world class city. Start eating, walking around, and maybe seeing the occasional show on Broadway and you are left penniless pretty quickly, unless you have a top dollar job to refill your account.


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Sydney, Australia

The land down under may literally become the place where your finances go under and the bank breaks. And while accommodations are definitely sky high, the most expensive items compared to other cities are cigarettes and public transportation. It costs just about $17 USD to buy yourself a packet of Marlboros. If you’re a pack a day type that adds up to over $6,000 USD a year, just on cigarettes. Need a better reason to quit?


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