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The 7 Richest Rappers

When you think about rap stars, you’re likely to think about fast cars, lots of cash, and (of course) their entourage, but that doesn’t begin to truly describe the best in the business. The most successful stars in rap are certainly no shrinking violets, and they do tend to find controversy from time to time, but they’re also great businessmen, which explains why the best of the best all have a net worth in excess of $100 million dollars.

Here are the 7 richest rappers on the planet:

Birdman: $150 Million

Bryan “Birdman” Williams is not the only rapper on this list to come out of the musical hotbed of New Orleans – there’s something about life on the Bayou that seems to encourage musical talent and Birdman continues that proud tradition. Through some astute business deals he’s managed to take his net worth to more than $150 million dollars, although most of his money has been made from his involvement in Cash Money Records – helping to establish such famous acts as Lil Wayne. Like all of the other guys on this list, Birdman’s had a lot of success making money in the rap industry.

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